Monday, 17 December 2012

Roger Stephens and J Nam

It was good to have Roger Stephens and J Nam from the missionary organisation OMF as our guest speakers on Sunday. We heard about the situation in Japan and how their ideas of God and religion is very different from our own in the West. It was encouraging to hear various stories of lives being transformed by the gospel and by people from all nations coming into a relationship with Jesus.
Having previously worked amongst the Japanese people in Japan, Roger Stephens and J Nam are now working with Japanese people living in Cambridge.
Roger spoke about the challenges faced by missionaries as well as the benefits. One of the main points he stated is that even where we live, even in Wisbech, we can still be missionaries. Wether it is inviting someone into our home for a cup of tea, befriending someone who has moved to the area from a different country, offering practical help to those in need, no matter the nationality: We can demonstrate Jesus and hopefully have a chance to tell them about the gospel that gives us so much hope and joy.

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