Monday, 8 July 2013

Rally Car in Wisbech Market Place

The Christian Motor Sport Team team-up with The King's Church, Wisbech in Wisbech Market Place during 2013 Rose Fair Festival
A gloriously hot and sunny day greeted Paul Harvey from the Christian Motorsport Team and the gang from The King's Church, Wisbech. It was the Saturday of the Wisbech annual Rose Fair Festival. At 7am, the team were up and rearing to go, setting up the stand (complete with rally car) in Wisbech Market Place.
Once the stand was set up and the crowds descended for Wisbech's 50th annual Rose Fair many people stopped and had a look at the car, taking photos as well as being allowed to sit inside it and being able to chat with the driver. Many leaflets that explain how rally driving is like living a Christian life (including the gospel message) were taken by onlookers and passers by, as well as 1500 leaflets inviting people to come and get a 'taste' of what The King's Church, Wisbech is all about.
It was a fantastic opportunity for the church to get involved with the Rose Fair and made a big impact. It is very important for the church to be seen and to be heard, especially at events like this and this stand certainly achieved these aims.
If you saw the car at the Rose Fair, we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment in the 'comments' section below, visit our website or come along to one of our other events. We would love to see you there and you would be most welcome!

The Car

Many people have asked for the car's vital statistics, so here are some of them:

Four cylinder, Petrol, Cosworth 2.0lt 16 valves, turbo, intercooler, gems management (brains for the engine), Anti lag (resembling backfiring), water injection, Gems DA50 engine monitor and logger records, oil and fuel, and engine faults, Power 302 bhp
You can find the rest on the CMT's website  


The Video


The Photos

Lots of people have also asked us to post photos of the car, so here they are! Enjoy . . .


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BOB BLAKE said...

Such a great idea to have the Rally Car there, i for one enjoyed the day.