Thursday, 8 August 2013

Robin Preaches at Church

Robin Mackenzie preaching at The King's Church, Wisbech

Robin Mackenzie has joined the ranks of others from our church congregation who have taken up the challenge to have a go at preaching during the Sunday service. Robin continued our sermon series on Hebrews where we are looking at how 'Jesus is better than' all sorts of things. Here Robin looks at how Jesus is a better High Priest, how Jesus fulfils the role as the most perfect High Priest - the mediator between us and God.

It is a very good sermon and is well worth a listen. I am sure Robin will be back again with another sermon soon.

Listen to his sermon live online by clicking here. You will be taken to our church podcast where you can find Robin's sermon and listen to it on the page.

You can even subscribe to the podcast! 

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