Friday, 16 August 2013

We Complete Our First CAP Money Course!

On Sunday, The King's Church, Wisbech completed the running of our first CAP Money Course with 2 delegates completing the course and one more just about to complete it next week. This 3 session money management course provides education, tools, tips and advice about how to budget effectively, live within your means, how to save and how to stick to the limits you have set yourself within your budget!

Delegates are already finding the implementation of the CAP Money Course and the CAP Money System is already having a positive impact on their lives. One delegate said "I am excited and more confident in my abilities to take control of my finances".

If you or anyone you know are looking to get back in control of your finances and avoid the trap of debt, or if you find you are struggling with controlling the debt you already have, the CAP Money Course is for you!

Our next course starts on 15th September and is almost full. There is 1 space still available with 2 additional 'reserve' spaces still open.

There is another course scheduled to take place on 10th November and currently this course has 3 available spaces with 2 additional 'reserve' spaces still available.

Please visit our website and send us an email to make an enquiry or to book your space today!

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