Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Steve Barclay MP visits our church


 Steve Barclay MP visits The King's Church, Wisbech

It was a pleasure to welcome Steve Barclay, our local MP (Member of Parliament) on Sunday 14th October 2012. Our paths crossed with his during the Rose Fair parade in the summer where we were giving teas and coffee's to the people on the floats. Mr Barclay got to talking with some members of the church and was invited to come to a service in the Autumn.
During the service, Mr Barclay was invited to speak and talked about the loss of Christian values in our society, how society has lost sight of the things that really matter and are becoming ever more materialistic. He pointed out that the church has an important role to play in trying to bring back good values and morals within society. He also urged the church to engage more with our local community. He commented that Christianity should not be about the buildings and the architecture, but it should be about the people! The warmth and message of the church needs to be taken out into our community. He pointed out that this is already happening and gave the good example of the work that the Ferry Project does amongst homeless people in fenland, but emphasised that the church should be doing even more! How are we working together with other churches? How are we working together with other comminuty groups? There is so much that is good within our community. We are very quick to say what is wrong. But there are lots of good people doing good things - there is a lot of potential in Wisbech. With this in mind he engouraged the church to think about how we could support and contribute to the future of our community.
During the service Clive preached about what our Christian responsibility is as citizens and how the Bible teaches us to view government and those in authority.
You can hear what Steve Barclay had to say as well as Clive's sermon here: http://dynamic.church123.com/podcast/f4fa7dd9-06a7-4a72-8cb1-c5dadd42ca4e
We then prayed for Steve Barclay and our local and national government.
Thanks to Steve Barclay for coming to visit us and to everyone in the church who also came along on Sunday.
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