Wednesday, 10 October 2012

National Day of Prayer - Wembley 2012


National Day of Prayer and Worship - Wembley 2012

On Saturday 29th September 2012, a jovial group from The King's Church Wisbech set off in a mini-bus for Wembley stadium. Spirit's were high and everyone was really excited and expectant about what God was going to do. After a 3 hour journey we arrived and joined with 32 000 Christians to pray and worship together.
The unity of The Church felt extremely strong as churches from across denominations joined together as one with a single purpose. We prayed for the nation, our leaders, our families, the children of the nation, mercy for the UK, as well as praying for hearts and lives to be touched in the coming months and years through various outreach and missionary programmes. As well as praying on a national level, we were also encouraged to get into groups of 4 or 5 with those around us to pray for our local church and our local areas.
It was a fantastic event and everyone left uplifted and excited, ready to take the message of Jesus back to Wisbech and the world!
  • If you were at the National Day of Prayer, please share your story / experience with us below in the comment section.


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