Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bob and Dave at After Hours Live

After Hours on Friday 10th June featured Bob Bell and after the interval Dave Nurney. Both were solo performers with guitar accompaniment.

Bob performed country style songs often with a touch of humour in the lyrics. He began using a chorus which showed his ability to yodel but also had songs where the audience could join in as well as introducing a song with ‘Western Swing’. Bob is known for his anecdotes and funny one-liners and this continued throughout his performance. He concluded with two gospel songs ‘I’ve found a friend in Jesus’ and ‘Icome to the garden alone’.

Dave introduced his set explaining his choice of songs were an invitation to reflect on the various experiences most people have to face, love, loss, hope. He demonstrated his ability in playing and singing in a variety of styles, linking the songs with sometimes humorous or thought provoking comments. His repertoire included ‘If you were me’; ‘The water is wide’; Borderline’ and ended with a song that was personal tohim and his family.

A fine evening of entertainment with a twist of faith enjoyed by many.

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