Sunday, 15 May 2016

Val's Prophetic Word

This image captures a vision that Jane saw about our church some years ago.
It also ties in with Val's words that she gave on Sunday.

I feel that the Church has been asleep for a long time and that God is now using the very difficult circumstances that some of us have/are experiencing to "wake us up".  I feel that God is going to do something big with us in the future and he is getting us ready, that he is preparing us for an explosion.

Now adding my own take on this.  I feel very excited about the future of the church and even more so now that I now we will be around to see it and be part of it.  I think what we are currently experiencing is like birthing pains.  Yes, it is difficult and painful but it will be wonderful when we have finally "given birth" and can give glory and testimony to God for what he has taken us through.


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