Sunday, 22 September 2013

Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass come to Wisbech

Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass come to Wisbech on their 'Seriously Funny' Tour
The King's Church, Wisbech was delighted to welcome Jeff Lucas, Adrian Plass and musician Niki Rogers to Wisbech on Friday 20th September 2013. The church hosted an evening of the 'Seriously Funny' Tour which developed out of a book Jeff and Adrian wrote together. The evening was well attended with over 150 people filling the Queen Mary Centre in Wisbech for an evening of fun, wit, humour and serious moments too. Niki Rogers was also well received as she shared and sang some amazing songs.

Thanks to Jeff, Adrian, Niki and the rest of the 'Seriously Funny' team for coming and putting on such an amazing event in Wisbech. Thanks also to all The King's Church, Wisbech volunteers who helped to make the evening a great success, ans a special thanks go to everyone who came to the event from near and far! We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you again soon.

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