Sunday, 16 November 2014

IJM UK Conference 2014

IJM (International Justice Mission) held their first UK international conference yesterday and 4 of us from The King's Church, Wisbech attended. It was a valuable time to engage again with God's heart on issues around modern-day slavery, violence and injustice around the world. We were taken to the depths of despair hearing about some of the horrific situations people find themselves in, but we were also shown that although there is great darkness and evil in the world - there is hope!

By following Jesus and obeying his call to look after the widow, the orphan and the poor. By following God's heart to set captives free and bring justice where there is injustice. IJM is engaged practically on the groung in countries around the world setting captives free, restoring hope, vision and dignity. They are also engaged in trying to change legislation that gives more protection to the last and the least.

Through their work they have seen captives set free. They have seen abusers taken to account for their crimes. They have seen entire justice systems reform and govermnents change their opinions. They great thing is, God has called all of us to get involved. To be doers and not just hearers. To take action to bring justice and freedom.

We may not be able to be 'on the ground' raiding brothels and freeing underaged prostitutes in Cambodia or rescuing people from brick kilns in India. But we can educate our neighbour. We can write a letter to our MP to help change the law in this country. We can choose to buy fairly traded goods when we shop. There are ways everyone can get involved!

Find out more about IJM and their work by visiting their website.

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