Friday, 26 September 2014

The It's Not Fair Visits Wisbech

The It's Not Fair visits Wisbech with tales about human trafficking
Rhema theatre company and IJM visited Wisbech on Saturday 20th September by invitation from The King's Church Wisbech. It was a fantastic event with heartbreaking stories being told, all of them true, about human trafficking and injustice from around the world. Mike and Rebecca Peacock from Rhema theatre company gave a very energetic and professional performance that dealt with serious themes in a respectful yet entertaining way.

Everyone who attended the event were moved by the stories they saw portrayed and were also told about the great work being done by organisations and charities such as IJM in order to provide a solution to the problem.

Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems in the community of Wisbech and the surrounding Fenland area. The most common type being the exploitation and trafficking of some Eastern European migrant workers. Cambridgeshire Police have been focussing on this problem and have made several arrests in recent months as well as rescuing many victims of trafficking through Operation Pheasant.

The King's Church Wisbech cares deeply about social justice and human trafficking issues and will continue to host events to highlight the problem as well as show people how thay can make a difference and become part of the solution. Do contact us if you would like to be kept informed about our ongoing work in this area.

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