Saturday, 26 April 2014

Church Retreat

A group of 14 journeyed to Buckden Towers, a few miles south of Huntingdon yesterday to take part in a church retreat. Ably directed by Robyn Johnstone, there was a lot of time and space for personal reflection, prayer and meditation.

For some who had never experienced this type of worship or fellowship with God before found it difficult at first, but had really enjoyed the experience by the end of the day.

It was a valuable time of relaxing, 'unplugging' from our fast paced digital world and intentionally carving out space to seek and to simply be with God. We are hoping to have another retreat in about 6 months or so - if you didn't make it to this retreat why not join us next time?


Some comments from participants:

"Restful and peaceful"

"Such a priviledge to be still and know You are God. The quiet of the chapel was something else. You just had to be there!"

"Wonderful to have permission to stop"

"Wonderful to have time out from a busy life to listen to God. Thank you Lord for making some things clear to me - please give the strength to carry them through" 

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